People often think that underfloor heating is a premium product and thus is extremely costly to run.

In reality an underfloor heating system is likely to save some money.

This is particularly true in case of new build projects if compared to the usual radiators.

Actual running costs for underfloor heating are much lower than what most people think. This system could save up to 50% of what would be spent on radiator heating.


It’s Time to Think

Are you looking for new ways to heat your home? UFH or underfloor heating can prove to be a good solution for you. Moreover it will be an absolute treat for your feet throughout the cold winter mornings. It is an energy efficient method to warm up your home and also is a great space-saver.

 Why underfloor heating?

Undrfloor heating system has several benefits.

·         No radiators to spoil the look of the room

·         Space saving

·         Extremely efficient

·         Gives a pleasant heat

·         Heat is distributed equally

·         Heat is emitted in a gentle manner

·         No cold spots left in the room

·         Much heat is not wasted

How costly will Underfloor heating be?

To pin point an accurate estimate for underfloor heating system is a difficult task. This is so as each system is different. The cost incurred and savings made will all depend on the details of installation and the operational factors of the system.

However, the savings may also go anywhere up to 50%. The greatest savings are made by high-ceilinged rooms. This is so because the underfloor heating system heats up only the occupied area. Rooms with lower ceilings account for savings anywhere between 10% and 20% as temperatures necessary for heating is lowered.

Different systems of underfloor heating

There is no standard under floor system which you have to stick to. You can choose which suites you the best.

Hot water or wet systems

In this arrangement warm water from the central heating system is used. Water is pumped through a channel of plastic pipes laid on the sub floor on top of which a new surface is installed.

This type of underfloor heating decreases cost as water used for heating works at a much lower temperature as compared to the standard radiators. In this system water at a temperature of about 40°C to 65°C can give a floor temperature anywhere between 23°C and 32°C.

Electric mat or wire system

The wire or electric mat   system features cables attached to open-weave mesh mats that are spread out under a covering. In some new types however the elements have been embedded into a continuous roll. These mats are rolled out over the floor. Then they are connected together and finally linked to the thermostat and the mains for their supply of power.

Which is the best?

Both systems come with their own pros and cons. The electric system is cheaper no doubt during the installation phase and cause less disturbance to the already existing floor structure. However they have a higher running cost than the wet systems. Wet systems on the other hand are more cost effective, though the initial installation may be more than the wire system.

Each of these heating systems is unique and the suitability will depend on your requirements and room sizes. Choose wisely and you would definitely prefer them over the conventional methods of heating.


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